Writing/Performing/Business – which one should I choose?


Hey All!  Trying to keep you up to date on everything.  I’d made a decision at the beginning of the summer to hide away from band business and shut myself off to do some serious writing.  Funny thing is… when you do that you don’t get any gigs, and people don’t get to see you live.

We’ve got a few house concerts coming up in January.  I hope you’ll join us then!  But, I am proud to say that my efforts in songwriting were extremely fruitful!  I have 28 new songs which make two complete full length records, and I am headed into the studio in January & February (YES!!! I KNOW, I HAVEN’T EVEN RELEASED CALIFORNIA AVENUE YET) to begin recording my 5th full length record.

Stay tuned for an Official CD release Show, and please inquire about hosting your very own house concert!

Love you all!

Marc & The Stonethrowers too!

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